Well sure, but it’s always nicer to walk with someone than to walk alone. Some people ask the spirit of their god to walk with them, and carry them when things get tough. Personally, I prefer to put my faith in someone I can embrace with all of my many senses, and someone that I know would never just pick me up and carry me when things are hard. I’d need someone that would encourage me to continue my forward-moving momentum, whether that be by taking my hand and guiding me onward or getting behind me and pushing. That being said however, who am I, who is anyone to judge other people based on whomever it is that they choose to help keep their proverbial boat afloat?

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  3. flyingeagleclaw answered: I Allow ppl their beliefs as long as they dont harm themselves nor me.
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  6. shayla1277 answered: it isn’t the task of a Buddhist to judge you, if you find in yourself that you need someone to walk with you, then so be it.
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