I’ve gotta say, not only does this picture make me smile from ear to ear…I try to keep politics to a minimum on my main blog (go to http://www.tumblr.com/blog/infinityawaitsinfinitely for my political themed blog…it’s not updated all that often, but it’s worth a look-see, imho lol), but I’ve got something to say, and I have a lot more followers on my main blog than on my political blog…

Since I’ve been “of age”, as in, old enough to vote, and mature enough to at least attempt to understand politics, there have only been two Vice Presidents that I have really known (I turned 18 in 1999, so technically Al Gore was in this list too, but I didn’t really start paying attention to politics until I was about 21, a year after Clinton and Gore were out of the White House).

One is Joe Biden and the other is that weasel-faced man that shot some dude in the ass while on a hunting trip. I describe him like this because I honestly can’t remember his name, I can see his face…and I can’t be arsed to Google “Dubya”. It’s right on the tip of my tongue…but ah well. It kind of proves the point I’m trying to make.

Comparatively, out of Bush Jr.’s VP and Obama’s VP, it’s like night and day. Sure, Joe is known for his “gaffes”, but he is also known for saying what is on his mind, and he could care less if what he says is politically incorrect, or steps on someone’s toes. Sure, he gets stuff wrong from time to time, but last time I checked, he has done far more good than ill. So yeah…I love this picture. It makes me smile because of his smile, because of what the “meme-lite” says, and also because I think he is pretty awesome…especially compared to that other guy.

And don’t even get me started on that Eddie Munster-lookin’ mofo that is running alongside Romney. Sheesh…after Sarah Palin, it really makes me wonder where they find these people.

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