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DEAR WORLD, Internet service providers will begin spying on you!

This is not just the USA, this is also Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

ACTA is another attempt by Hollywood and others to end privacy and freedom to protect their profits.

These well done videos provide an overview:

We got to stop this!

Poland is planning protests.

Europe, contact your representatives.

UK, sign this petition.

USA, reblog this post. Make new posts. Join the EFF. Stay involved.

They won’t give up, and neither will we.

I’m going to keep spamming ACTA posts. It’s just so important. I can’t even…

((sorry to post something offtopic here, especially since I haven’t been doing answers in a while, but I consider this to be important and hope you will both help spread information and act against acta)

This is a matter of Justice!!

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